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Legal Due Diligence

The inevitability of change affects all businesses, whether in the form of growth, shifting markets, legal and regulatory changes or changes in stakeholders’ circumstances. These changes have economic as well as legal consequences. Companies should anticipate and respond to changes proactively, meeting legal challenges head on.

Legal Due Diligence is our legal audit programme tailor-made for corporate clients. It will assist your business in meeting legal challenges and provide advice on sustainability and maintenance.

Why Legal Due Diligence?

The goal of Due Diligence is precautionary. We will, through a systematic evaluation and audit, attempt to identify any present and potential future legal or compliance issues, and ensure that the business meets its legal obligations with respect to its stakeholders.

We will evaluate strengths and weaknesses in the company’s legal framework, recommend any legal procedures that may be necessary, and anticipate or respond to changes. Furthermore, we inform the client on present and future legal changes which may affect their business.

The audit will provide corporations the opportunity to sense how the law and changing environment can affect their business, helping them budget for impending costs and address these matters in the upcoming year. Companies can use the annual review to prepare for AGMs, shareholder meetings, and so forth.

Our Services

We offer three Legal Due Diligence audits designed to help you identify and analyse the extent of your company's potential legal risks:

  • Employment Legal Due Diligence
  • Contracts and Office Leases Legal Due Diligence
  • Business Entities Legal Due Diligence

Each legal audit includes pertinent questions and answers designed to help you identify potential risks in the areas of the assessment. Each legal audit helps you:

  • Feel confident that your business records are in proper order,
  • Ensure your company is in compliance with government regulations,
  • Establish policies, procedures and practices to protect you from legal risks, litigation, loss of income, government penalties and fines.

Our Team

Our Legal Due Diligence Team comprises Partners, Senior Associates and Associates, together with talented and proficient legal experts specialised in different branches of law, including local municipal and governmental regulations.