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Mergers and Acquisitions

Companies and businesses don’t just need lawyers - they need strategic business advisors. Our lawyers not only possess an understanding of key business drivers but are also experts in analysing local and global market conditions to protect their clients’ best interests.

Sudath Perera Associates has extensive expertise in representing both sellers and buyers of businesses. This allows us to bring increased efficiency to the transaction process.

Our continuous transaction flow enables us to use technical expertise in negotiating the terms conditions and policies of the process. We ensure that our transaction team addresses the underlying tax and financial objectives of our clients. Since we regularly work with some of the largest local and international companies, we respect the relationship between in-house counsel and their internal clients, providing additional resources and in-depth experience as requested to facilitate their mission.

Our practice is highly varied in terms of client, size of the deal and type of industry. We provide the highest quality service in transactions with high intellectual property content, international transactions, leveraged transactions and acquisitions or mergers.