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Due Diligence

Over the past few years, we have also strengthened our due diligence expertise and conduct due diligence investigations covering freehold and leasehold property and provide due diligence reports in respect of the same

We advise many clients inter alia in the hospitality trade and have expanded to conducting due diligence investigations for time share companies as well by investigating in to all aspects of the company and providing due diligence reports as to the company’s adherence, compliance, performance and general status. Further, we engage in obtaining all relevant approvals and/or clearances in respect of immovable property such as the Certificates of Ownership, Street and Building Line, Non Vesting and Certificates of Conformity from relevant Local Authorities and also assist in the approval process of survey plans.

We also handle drafting, execution and registration of all legal documentation for securitization transactions through our Real Estate Corporate Sector and also cover the regulatory and compliance areas for transactions involving the transferring of shares in immovable property holding companies.

We meet with officers of the Exchange Control Department of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, the Department of Inland Revenue and other regulatory bodies to advise clients and ensure compliance with regard to specific land transactions.