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Trademarks, Patents & Industrial Designs


Sudath Perera Associates has an effective team of Trademark Attorneys that undertake and manage large trademark portfolios. Our services include:

Trademark availability search and analysis

We conduct searches for prior trademark registrations and analysis services for clients seeking to protect their trademarks locally and internationally. Search reports are accompanied by a detailed report on conflicting trademarks and an opinion that identifies the possibility of registering the trademarks globally.

Trademark filing, prosecution and registration

We offer global trademark filings, prosecution and registration services.

Trademark Watch & Oppositions

With the online publication of Sri Lanka’s weekly Trademarks Gazette, clients are provided timely alerts on publication of their trademarks as well as potentially conflicting trademarks filed by unauthorized third parties. Our IP team monitors the online publication of the Gazette to identify trademarks that infringe the rights of registered right holders or could possibly pose complications if allowed to be registered and oppose the registration of such marks. Furthermore, we defend Opposition proceedings instituted against trademarks of clients.

Renewals and Recordations

The firm is equipped to undertake bulk renewal of trademarks, recordation of assignments and mergers, trademark licensing arrangements & agreements both in Sri Lanka and abroad.

Brand development

Assistance is provided by advising clients on the Trademark laws and tips on market trends for clients to make informed decisions to produce strong brand names for their products and services. The team is involved from the development stage by advising not only on the trademark laws but also on compliance with labeling and advertising regulations applicable on consumer goods, foods and pharmaceuticals. Brand development is an exciting stage for both the client and the attorney.

Trademark due diligence

We conduct searches & investigations for trademark due diligence reporting. Searches are conducted on the official trademarks database, markets and domain names registered with the LK Domain Registry.

Domain Name Registration

The firm conducts searches and filing of domain names and cancellation or strike off of domain names.

Cease & Desist Notice & Publication of Cautionary Notice

As a pre cursor to litigation we undertake issue of cease and desist notice on IP right violators and in some cases publication of cautionary notices in leading newspapers to deter further violations.


Sudath Perera Associates Patent related services include analysis on patentability, research on Prior Art and consultations with Inventors, specifically counsel to young inventors and advising on patentability of inventions, advising companies on obtaining rights and commercial benefits of patents developed by employees, preparation and drafting of patent specifications, searches, filing of applications, and entering National Phase.

The firm has many years of experience in PCT filings and facilitating protection of Patents in Asia, the US and in Europe.

Industrial Designs

Sudath Perera Associates conducts searches on prior Industrial Design registrations, advice on availability and suitability of Designs for registration, filing and obtaining grants for Designs.

Young designers & engineers are encouraged to take steps to protect their Designs and on best methods of commercial development.

The services of Design renewals and drafting Licensing contracts are also part of the services we offer in relation to protection of Industrial Designs.